How To Enjoying Your Conservatory All Year Round…

Homeowners have many concerns when it comes to their homes and one of those concerns is the use of their conservatory all year round. Most find that their conservatory isn’t best equipped for the warmer months. A solid roof installation can make your conservatory useable all year round. Whether it is a light weighted tiled or slate.

If you are feeling the cold during the winter months and too much heat during the summer months. A replacement solid roof is a perfect solution for the conservatory. A solid roof installed by St Helens Roofing will help to combat heat loss and overheating. Helping you to use the conservatory in spring, summer and the winter months.

Benefits To A Replacement Solid Roof Conservatory During The Winter

A replacement conservatory roof can change your conservatory. It can help to create a wide range of benefits during the winter months.

Help To Reduce Heating Bills

Conservatory glass and polycarbonate roofs are not always the best option for protection against the cold weather. You may also find that in the summer months the conservatory may be too hot to use due to the direct sunlight.

A replacement solid roof can help to increase thermal efficiency and can help to reduce your heating bills in the long run. Heat loss from your conservatory roof can be reduced by up to 80% leaving your conservatory feeling much more comfortable in the summer and the winter months.

Quick Installation

Installation of a replacement roof can be between three to four days. With minimal disruption to your property.

Roof Windows & Spotlights

Natural light from overhead can be a good addition to your replacement tiled roof. Allowing your conservatory to flood with natural light all year round. Helping to make the most out of daylight hours. The installation of spotlights in your new conservatory ceiling can also keep the conservatory illuminated.

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