What’s the difference between Slate and Tile Repair?

Roof repair can often vary, but our team can carry out all types of tile or slate repairs. St Helens Roofing offers everything from patching up and emergency repairs, right up to complete roof replacement and re-hanging. Furthermore, for older properties, we offer a large selection of restoration work and tile repair on historical and listed buildings. Therefore, restoring them to their former glory – a service that we would be happy to offer any of our clients who own an older property or listed building.

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What is the difference between slate roofs and tiled roofs?

There are some fundamental differences between slate roofs and tiled roofs. Firstly, tiles are manufactured where a slate roof tends to be made from natural stone. Tiles come in a variety of robust materials and are generally concrete or clay, whereas a slate tile is usually prepared, measured and cut. We can help you choose which tile or slate is right for your property.

Here we provide a quick and reliable roof repair service. Furthermore, this applies to both tile and slate roofs. Additionally, we can tailor our service to your needs, giving you a reliable service that keeps you satisfied. Small and ‘obvious’ roofing problems may often lead to much bigger roofing problems if left untreated. Our team can provide the valuable information you need to help with a roof repair on your tile or slate roof.

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