A conservatory is an ideal addition to any home, offering extra space and storage. 

However, conservatories are notorious for getting too warm in the summer and too cool in the winter. Hence, they can become unusable. Heating a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof or glass roof can be difficult as they often don’t retain heat well. So the staggering heating bills can put you off using the conservatory throughout the winter. Our blog discusses ways of keeping your conservatory warm in the colder months, so you can use it all year round. 

Why does the conservatory get so cold? 

If the conservatory roof is glass or polycarbonate, it is more than likely poorly insulated. Hence, it cannot retain heat within the room. 

The older the conservatory, the less energy efficient it is. So heat can escape quickly, and bills will increase as it will take more to heat the room. Moreover, this can also lead to damp problems. 

Replacing a polycarbonate or glass roof with a solid tiled roof can enhance insulation and keep the conservatory warm. 

How will a replacement roof keep the conservatory warm?

Solid tiled roofs are an innovative way of transforming a conservatory into a more usable space that is cosy and liveable all year round. Moreover, it will replace the existing roof and allow you to keep the doors, windows, frames and walls that currently exist. 

Replacement roofs are more energy-efficient too. They are lightweight and insulated, meaning they create a thermally efficient space beneath. 

Why replace the roof to keep the conservatory warm?

  • Adds value to the home
  • Improves energy efficiency
  • Cost-effective alternative to replacing the conservatory
  • Controls the temperature of the space
  • Reduces glare from the sun
  • Can reduce heating bills
  • A lightweight structure that won’t need adaptations to the frame beneath
  • Modern and aesthetically pleasing
  • Quick and easy to install