Wigan Solid Conservatory Roofs

Solid conservatory roofs are a great way to expand your conservatory into a year-round room. We have a team of contractors working throughout Wigan that can supply and fit a range of solid conservatory roofs. Whether you are looking to transform your current conservatory or have a new orangery room, we have a product for you. Our team can give you the information required to get your project started.

Our variety of conservatory roofs can transform your conservatory into an extra living space. Furthermore, our team can adapt our products to suit your needs. At St Helens Roofing, we always aim to provide a reliable, professional standard to our customers.

Solid Roof Tile Repair

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Why choose Wigan Solid Conservatory Roofs?

At St Helens Roofing, we know that a tiled conservatory roof can add several benefits to your home. Our range of roofing can transform your conservatory into an extra living space. Additionally, a solid roof can improve the thermal insulation of your property.

  • Stay warmer through the winter
  • More cooling in the summer
  • Add extra value to your home
  • Create additional living space
  • Choose from a variety of interior finishes
  • Convert your conservatory into an extension

If you’re unsure about a new tiled roof conservatory, we have a range of options on display at our showroom located in St Helens – 1a Eastside Industrial Estate, Jackson Street, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 3AS.

Is a Solid Roof Conversion worth it?

A tiled conservatory roof can be a valued addition to any home. We believe that a roof conversion for your conservatory can improve the comfort of your home. Additionally, a solid roof may improve the overall value of your home.

We supply a variety of products and services, that can be a great addition to your home. Furthermore, our team of experts can guide you through our products and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. Call us today 01744 611456.