Rubber Roofing Liverpool

Our Rubber Roofing Liverpool team has been providing roofing solutions to Liverpool and the surrounding areas for over twenty-five years. Rubber roofing is a highly durable product that can be laid on a variety of roofs. Furthermore, it is an excellent choice for your extension or veranda. Rubber Roofing Liverpool offers low maintenance, protective layers to your home. 

At St Helens Roofing, we offer a range of products that can meet your roofing needs. Therefore, our team can adapt our services to ensure that your installation is reliable and professional.

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Why choose rubber roofing?

Rubber roofing offers a protective barrier in both hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, our EPDM rubber is eco-friendly and has a life expectancy of over fifty years. A rubber roof is remarkably versatile and is a great way to keep your home looking clean.

  • Superior durability and longevity
  • Low life-cycle cost 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Flexible and lightweight system
  • Aesthetically pleasing
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Throughout Liverpool, our team of tradesmen are trained and experienced in all aspects of roof installation. Therefore, we can help you to choose the right product for your Liverpool home. Whether you are looking for an extension roof or roof replacement, our team of experts can get your job done.

With over twenty-five years of experience in home improvements, we understand that finding the right product can be stressful. That’s why we’re the right choice for your roofing projects. If you are looking for one of our products and want to speak to a member of our team, call 01744 611456 today.